Research Project: Kuhtracking (Cow Tracking)

Health monitoring in the livestock industry

In agricultural livestock farming, especially in dairy farming, there is a particularly strong trend both internationally and nationally towards the use of technology to monitor animal health and to cope with herd management more broadly. Funded by the FFG, we are conducting research together with Mechatronik Austria on an artificial intelligence-supported camera-based solution for monitoring cows.

Cows in a digitalized free stall barn.

E-Commerce Recommender

Knowing exactly what the customer needs

Knowing what your customers want in real time. With intelligent recommendation systems, you can also market your "long tail" instead of just promoting the bestsellers. With the e-commerce recommender, Spiceworld customers automatically receive product recommendations that are tailored to their shopping behavior. That way, cross-selling and an improved shopping experience are elegantly combined.

Products are presented to a customer in the most optimal way.

Data Donkey

Automated data retrieval from any source

We offer an innovative solution that helps companies to easily aggregate, validate and efficiently store data from different sources. We are optimizing the way data is stored and accessed. In addition, we also offer automated data analysis or BI dashboards to support companies in decision-making.

A donkey carries a lot of data on its back.

Support Ticket Classification

Quickly react to support requests

In companies with a lot of employees or customers, the help desk is usually confronted with a large number of support requests. In order for these to be processed internally by the correct department, inquiries must be allocated centrally, quickly and in a targeted manner to the appropriate departments. In addition to shortening the processing time, automated support ticket classification can drastically reduce the associated staff costs.

Employee is overwhelmed by the amount of support tickets.

Business Intelligence

Make the most of your data

Making decisions that are based less on gut feeling and more on facts: We support companies in making data-driven decisions through the targeted processing and visualization of data. With clear and easy-to-use dashboards you increase the so-called 'data literacy' of your employees.

Managers are standing in front of a business intelligence dashboard.

Energy Price Forecasts

Know today what will happen tomorrow

With our cross-country and cross-market forecasts, market participants in the energy market are well informed to strategically place their energy bids in the auctions. The forecasts are recalculated intraday, so that even short-term fluctuations in the market can be predicted. We can also provide you with comprehensive price and volume forecasts for other markets.

Our intelligent forecasts help you predict future energy prices.

Business Process Optimization

Optimizing the after-sales process

Our customer operates in the telecommunications business. After a contract has been signed, customers are re-contacted to provide the opportunity for feedback and to take advantage of up-selling opportunities. Based on available customer data and booked products, customers are automatically assigned to the different service partners of our customer, who handle the after-sales process.

A data scientist optimizes a complex and inefficient business process.

Search & Data Augmentation

Always find the right products

Put an end to the eternal search! With the my. Hogast search, companies from the hotel, catering, health and social services sectors can find exactly the products they need in the HOGAST order store

Helping customers find items in your webshop and augmenting product metadata.