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We transform data into valuable insights and build customized machine learning solutions for your business.
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3rd Place at the Salzburg Business Prize in the “Innovation” Category

The Salzburg Business Prize (WIKARUS) honors outstanding entrepreneurial and innovative achievements. Already in 2019, we were able to get first place in the “business formation" category. In 2023, we achieved third place in the "innovation" category. According to the WKO, the innovation prize is awarded to innovative companies which are at the forefront of recognizing or setting trends.

Software Development

Full-stack web development with state-of-the-art technologies for ideal performance, maintainability and efficiency. The development process can be designed flexibly to achieve the best possible results.

    Requirement Engineering

    Together we define the scope, requirements, and goal of the software project.

    Design & Implementation

    Dynamic and trans­parent development of a customized software architecture and user interface.

    Testing & Quality Assurance

    We thoroughly test your software to ensure it is free of bugs and meets all requirements.

    Maintenance & Support

    Ongoing maintenance, security updates, and support for your software solution.

Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Our data analyses and forecasts identify trends and patterns at an early stage and thus help you to make better, data-based decisions for your company.

    Anomaly Detection & Monitoring

    Recognition of unusual patterns and structures in your data, processes or machines.

    Demand Planning

    Demand forecasts for your products or services for informed resource deployment decisions.

    Business Intelligence

    Make complex key figures and relation­ships intelligible for a wide range of users.

    In Depth Data Analysis

    By processing large amounts of data, patterns, trends and KPIs are identified that can be useful for business strategy.

Process Automation & Optimization

Save time and resources by digitizing existing business processes and operations. Increase the productivity and quality of your products through automated decisions or anomaly detection.

    Process Analysis

    Outlining of your current business processes and, in the course of a joint analysis, the identification of potential for improvement.


    Use artificial intelligence to predict optimal production planning, the correct assignment of a support ticket or the shortest route in the warehouse.


    We design automation tools and systems and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure.

    Monitoring & Measurement

    We monitor the performance of the streamlined and automated processes to ensure they deliver the desired results.

Data Privacy & GDPR Consulting

We support you in complying with legal data protection regulations and show you best practices to prevent data protection violations.

    Initial Consultation

    Together we clarify in which areas there is a specific need and determine a suitable approach.

    Status Quo Analysis

    Checking existing elements for GDPR and creating new data protection elements.

    Documentation & Reporting

    You will receive a written report from us on the tested elements, which also contains concrete action approaches.

    Implementation Support

    Together with you, we discuss the results of the GDPR check and help you with the implementation of further steps.