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Why cognify?

  • One-Stop-Shop

    Comprehensive solutions from a single source. From the professional conception, through the technical specification and intelligent AI components, to the finished software application including user interface and the subsequent operation, we can offer you everything from a single source. Especially with very relevant data and use cases, as well as the associated obligations (SLA, data protection, etc.), sustainable cooperation increases the benefit and thus also the profitability.
  • 50+ Years of Data Science Know-How

    The field of data science is very broad and it is difficult to find specialists with many years of experience in the market. We combine over 50 years of data science know-how in our team and can therefore provide you with a clear advantage, both in the conceptual approach and in the implementation of projects.
  • Local Team Effort

    We offer heterogeneous teams of Intelligence Architects, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Owners, Back- or Front-End specialists, which are arranged depending on the goal of your project. All of our colleagues live in Austria or Bavaria and therefore enjoy the highest employee protection standards.
  • Flexibility

    From hyper-agile prototyping to long-term planning and implementation of complete ecosystems, we are flexible in terms of speed and type of cooperation.
  • Data Competence

    Data is our daily business. Accordingly, the quota of so-called data literates at cognify is very high. In addition to the appropriate tools, we also focus on targeted advanced training in order to always stay up-to-date and deliver an optimal cost-benefit ratio for our customers.
  • GDPR Compliance

    Data security and related business secrets as well as personal rights are essential factors for sustainable cooperation. We take this topic very seriously and therefore have the relevant expertise in-house.


This is us

In the middle of Salzburg you will find us in an urban jungle of office plants and data, where we are either busy coding or having heated discussions at the coffee machine.

We are all united in the conviction that data science is a promising discipline: Methodologically and technologically, we work together at the forefront of the transition to the AI ​​age. It is important to increase human capabilities through artificial intelligence in order to gradually move from operative "daily business" to tactical-strategic agendas.

Our team of specialists will help you make the most of your data.


  • Founder

    Norbert Walchhofer

    15 years of experience in data science & quantitative methods | e-commerce, manufacturing, automotive and energy | change management | studied economics & environmental sciences

  • Founder

    Wolfgang Lausenhammer

    10 years experience in automotive | as CTO responsible for architecture, cloud, tooling and coding, among other things | computer science degree

  • Commercial Director

    Martin Simmerstatter

    13 years of experience in purchasing,people & finance | automotive, food industry and energy | as commercial director, he manages HR, legal, sales, marketing, finance and purchasing | studied business administration


  • Sales & Marketing

    Manuel Mosleitner

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Management Assistant

    Suruchi Chander

  • Product Owner


  • Project Manager

    Jan Sand

  • Team Leader

    Daniel Hofstetter

  • Data Scientist

    Michael Kastner

  • Team Lead

    Stefan Kemptner

  • Lawyer / GDPR

    Anja Schachinger

  • Data Scientist

    Peter Walchhofer

  • FE Developer


  • Full-Stack Developer

    Bernhard Stader

  • Team Lead

    Daniel Dürnberger

  • BE Developer

    Felix Baumann

  • Full-Stack Developer

    Alexander Miller

  • Lead Data Engineer

    Arnold Keller

  • Data Scientist

    Andreas Ziegler

  • Data Scientist

    Alexander Schendelmann

  • Data Scientist

    Jördis Krieger

  • on maternity leave

    Yvonne Jelinek


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